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Feature 1 [FIDC]
Feature 2 [FIDC]



Colocation Service

IDC + Rack Space / White Space

24/7/365 Access to IDC Facility

Tier-III [N+N Power, N+1 Cooling]

Complimentary Lounge Access

Network as a Service

Net-Tech and Carrier Neutrality

Open Peering Policy for MMR & IX

IPLC, Transit, Transmission, Int. BW

Cross Connect, VAPT, UTM, NGFW

Infrastructure as a Service

Colocation + Bare Metal Device

NaaS with Bare Metal Hardware

Virtual Machine [Tech Agnostic]

Virtualization [OS, SDN, Storage]

Geographic Redundancy Service

Platform Member of Felicity NET [Off-Shore IDC]

200+ KM, Separate Tectonic Plate / Seismic Zone

Common Modus-Oparendi for Ease of Service

Compliant for Bangladesh Bank [Applicable to BFIs]

Compliant for Data Localization & Sovereignty Policy

Tier-III, ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 Certified IDC Facility

Identical Service Offerings for Colocation, NaaS, IaaS

Single Point of Contract and Operations Management

Felicity Academy Service

IDC Consultant [Design, Procure, Implement, O&M]

Network Consultant [Design, SCM, Implement, O&M]

IDC Training and Professional Certification

Network Training and Professional Certification

Data Centre Infrastructure Audit

ICT and Network Infrastructure Audit

Support for Thesis / Project Works [Academic only]

Support for Study Tour [Academic only]


Trust and Rely on Rich QoS and QoE from Felicity IDC

Felicity IDC Limited (FIDC) connects the leading businesses to customers, employees and partners inside the Bangladesh’s most connected Data Centre facility. FIDC is Tier-III certified from UpTime Institute, USA while remaining fully compliant with the Rated-3 Standard of EPI, Singapore. It’s also ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certified company. With 24/7/365 Access to Facility, On-Site Engineers and Technicians – FIDC wants to make a dent in the service spectrum of Colocation and Internet Data Centres in the region.

It’s an Internet Data Centre, Colocation, Carrier Hotel . . . You name it, FIDC offers almost everything in the scope of a Data Centre. There are Network as a Service (NaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) apart from its unique offerings of Geographic Redundancy Service (DR Site / 2nd Copy) service through its Partner IDC, which is offering analogous services under common modus-operandi and can be managed from a Single Point of Contact (KAM) for Customer Care, Billing & Operation.

Apart from regular services, FIDC is also offering corporate and individual Felicity Academy services which bringing in the Training, Audit and Consultancy services in the field of ICT, Network and IDC.

You can trust and rely on the strong and rich QoS and QoE from Felicity IDC.

Warmest Regards.

Sumon Ahmed Sabir
Director and CTO

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In today’s digital economy, everything and everyone is becoming more connected. Customers, partners and employees increasingly need to collaborate across geographies to drive productivity and innovation. Felicity IDC is accelerating this shift for its customers with the addition of Digital Financial Service and GIS Mapping Service to the Felicity IDC ecosystem.

To whoever you want to be connected with, with whatever capacity of transmission or bandwidth. Felicity IDC seems always ready to serve you with its ecosystem. It’s rather a DCaaS, I must say.

Mohit Bhardwaj

Regional Business Manager, SAARC
Bharti Airtel (AS 9498)

Felicity IDC is undoubtedly the best Colocation Service Provider of Bangladesh. Its strategic location in BHTC, Gazipur and offering the Incentives of having business in Hi-Tech Park is an unique feature. I have come close and worked with many a Colocations and Carriers as being involved in Global Internet Business. Unfortunately there were no one to compare even in whatsoever point of view with the global players and Bangladeshi operators. But, now Felicity IDC is offering at par and sometimes even better services for what we had to go abroad.

Good Service & Professional Attitude.

Moshiur Rahman

Head of Business
Fiber@Home Global (AS 10075)

Reach Everywhere, Interconnect Everyone and Integrate Everything – the philosophy of Equinix, Tokyo. I myself very much in believe and following these whenever working as a Network Engineer. A true IDC needs to act like a Colocation, Internet Exchange, Internet Service Provider, Peering House, POP, CDN, NaaS Provider, IaaS Provider, Payment Gateway and even a Free Client Lounge.

Yes, Felicity IDC is promising them all. Time will say with what quality and features they will come up with. But for sure, very promising IDC is coming up in Bangladesh. I am waiting for the ‘Wow Factor’ they will bring in.

Yoshinobu Matsuzaki

EC Member, SANOG
Senior Engineer, IIJ (AS 2497)