Felicity IDC Limited (FIDC) is an ICT company, specially focused on data centre business in Bangladesh. FIDC is an initiative of few pioneering business entities, those who have already cemented their footprints in the ICT sector of Bangladesh as very professional, technically sound and compliant ICT entrepreneurs. FIDC is planned and destined to become the 1st Certified, Colocation and Internet Data Centre of Bangladesh.


As part of several Governmental initiatives, ICT Ministry of Bangladesh is developing its own Tier-IV Data Centre to cater the needs of the Govt. Offices. But survey found out that the requirement due to rapid digitization, office automation and adoption of 3G/4G handsets are so enormous the government’s facility will be on saturation from its inauguration and FIDC is hoping to cater the gap due to this predicted demand.


Moreover, Bangladesh Bank the Central Bank of Bangladesh has also issued a directives which is mandating the BFIs and NBFIs to have 3 (three) copy of their data and processes for resiliency and disaster recovery. Among which 1st copy should be kept within their own premises, 2nd copy is required to be maintained at least 20 kilo-meter away from the other 2 (two) copies and 3rd copy is required to be maintained in different tectonic plate, if inside Bangladesh it’s at least 200 Km away from the other 2 (two) copies. Moreover, this directives is having a general consensus of acceptance from the other sectors like ICT and MNC as well.


We are expecting shrinkage of digital divide and change in lifestyle where adoption of digital services will create a denting feeling on the society to be pushed forward in faster pace. FIDC surely believe to take part in that thrusting journey. Hopefully FIDC and other initiatives of IDC and Cloud business will fly here like no others. Altogether the management of FIDC is confident that the joint business ventures of them, surely will flourish at its fullest to secure a good business with their initiative of Data Centre business in Bangladesh.

Corporate Mantra

  • FIDC [9 x 9] v.W
  • FIDC [9 x 9] v.B
  • Carrier-Neutral
  • FNET [9.5 x 9.5] v.B
  • FNET [9.5 x 9.5] v.W

Meet Our Team



Moynul H Siddiqui

Chairman and CEO

Wahidul H Siddiqui


Sumon Ahmed Sabir

Director and CTO

Kazi Salauddin

Company Secretary

Feroz Ahmed

Assistant General Manager

Fuad Enayet

Assistant General Manager

Krishna Basak

Senior Manager

Ashraful Islam

Senior Manager

Shahzaman Hossain

Deputy Manager

Saiful Islam Khan

Deputy Manager



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